Setšong Tea – Indigenous Tea from Limpopo Filled with History & Heritage

Setšong tea is a locally made brand featuring indigenous teas. The teas are harvested in rural Limpopo which helps develop the economy and create jobs within rural South Africa.

Over 5 decades and multiple generations have consumed these teas. They have passed down knowledge, heritage, and history.

Every purchase of the tea contributes to social upliftment. Which is obviously incredible!

I purchased three of the teas a while ago and have loved them. My favourites have been the Indigenous Detox Tea and the Indigenous Flu Tea. I also purchased the Indigenous Tepane Chai Spiced Fusion.


Indigenous Tepane Chai Spiced Fusion

This tea is packed with flavour, featuring ingredients like Tepane tea, ginger, peppercorns, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, and fennel. This tea has all the same benefits as the Flu Tea.

Indigenous Detox Tea

The detox tea is made up of Diya tea leaves, cinnamon, dried ginger, and cardamom. It has detoxification benefits as well as boosting zinc levels, improving digestion and has anti-fatigue benefits.

Indigenous Flu Tea

The flu tea is made up of Tepane tea, ginger, lemon extract, and cinnamon chips. This tea also has detoxification benefits and boasts a massive vitamin boost with A, C and E vitamins. It helps fight flu, has anti-fatigue qualities and boosts zinc levels.

How to use it

These teas are not like normal loose leaf teas. They are made up of barks and powders so it would be ideal to use a double straining system.

Use a loose-leaf teapot, it has a cylinder in the centre, which is specifically designed to hold your tea leaves. Place the leaves in the cylinder along with some honey and lemon. Let it steep for a few minutes and then pour the liquid through a mesh kitchen strainer to catch any bits of tea that escaped the cylinder.

I tend to drink the detox tea when I am feeling a little off and bloated. It helps to settle any stomach issues and tastes pretty great.

The flu tea comes out when I start to feel a little flu-ish or if there is flu spreading around the office. It is also a great tea, very tasty and with its anti-fatigue qualities, it really helps during the winter months to kick those “out of bed blues”.

When drinking this tea, you are guaranteed to taste the beauty of South Africa. It is full of flavour and so deliciously fragrant. The tea itself is different from anything I have brewed before but the chunks of tea and spices hold all the flavour. These teas are perfect served black with lemon and honey.

Author: Tyler Leigh Vivier