Ocean Cast Iron Tea Infuser (Tetsubin) – 700ml


Exclusive Cast Iron Tea pot, 700ml for a unique tea experience.

This Tetsubin tea infuser is made from solid cast iron, coated with enamel on the inside.
It provides neat and stylish design.

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  • Not dishwasher safe, see care instructions below
  • Not for use on stovetop or charcoal fire, made only for brewing tea and not boiling water

To use the tea infuser:

  1. Place your favourite tea in the strainer. Recommended dose for a medium leaf is 1 tablespoon per 148ml of water (more for larger leaves, less for smaller leaves). Adjust to taste.
  2. Heat water in a separate kettle, and pour the measured amount of water over the leaves. Allow to infuse for no less than 3 minutes, and no more than 5 minutes for optimum results

Capacity: 700ml

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse out teapot before first use
  • To clean: rinse out pot with warm water and dry thoroughly (including lid and strainer basket) to prevent any rust anywhere on the pot. Never use soap

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