Diya Red Root Calming Tea | Orange, Ginger & Turmeric (with Strainer)


A combination of the Diya & Red Root Tea and a Stainless Steel Tea Ball Strainer.

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The Stainless Steel Tea Ball Strainer is perfect for brewing your loose leaf teas, while the Diya tea is packed with Anti-Oxidants such as Vitamin A as Beta-carotene as well as Zinc. Beta-Carotene is responsible for nourishing and revitalizing all secreting cells of the body. Secreting cells include the eyes, nasal passage, saliva cells and gastric secretions including reproductive secretions and sweat glands.

This satisfying fusion of the radiant golden turmeric root is combined with oranges, ginger root and a touch of cinnamon. The combination allows you to relax your mind and regain a true soul connection.