Tinned – Diya Red Root Detox Tea | Lemon, Ginger & Berry


This original blend of Diya Tea is made from a 100% pure Red Root tea made from
a plant similar to the African potato . The tea is indigenous to the Bapedi people.

Many have enjoyed this tea for over five decades in Limpopo. Diya tea is packed with Anti-Oxidants such as Vitamin A as Beta-carotene as well as Zinc. Beta-Carotene is responsible for nourishing and revitalizing all secreting cells of the body such as eyes , nasal mucus , saliva cells and oesophageal and
gastric secretions including reproductive secretions and sweat glands .

With lemon pieces, dried ginger, cinnamon and strawberry undertones; this tea serves as an incredibly enjoyable detox tea!

This tea supports good health as it contains Anti -Oxidants that are eliminating free radicals ( toxins ) from the body which assists in reducing Cholesterol and high blood pressure.

A v a i l a b l e  i n  s i z e s :  5 0 g , 8 0 g , 1 0 0 g , 2 0 0 g , 5 0 0 g , 1 k g

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Weight 87 g