Diya – Detox -Red Root Tea | Original blend


Packaged in a Tin Canister, this original blend of Diya Tea is crafted from the Limpopo region’s Red Root Tea. The plant is similar to the African potato.  Even more, the tea is indigenous to the Bapedi people. The Diya Root, containing Zinc, Beta- Carotene and Fiber has been enjoyed for over five generations.

This Diya Red Root Tea – Assists in relief of Digestive Issues, Metabolism and Sinus Relief.

40g Makes 30 – 40 servings.

Ingredients: Diya – Red Root

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The Diya Root is packed with Anti-Oxidants such as Vitamin A as Beta-carotene as well as minerals such as Zinc. Beta-Carotene is responsible for nourishing and revitalising all secreting cells of the body. Secreting cells include the eyes, nasal passage, saliva cells and gastric secretions including reproductive secretions and sweat glands.

The Red Root Tea is caffeine free and provides a subtle earthy taste and naturally sweet and floral notes.

Above all the tea supports good health as it contains Anti -Oxidants that are eliminating free radicals ( toxins ) from the body which assists in reducing cholesterol, sugar levels, and high blood pressure.

Only the best tea plants and herbs are hand selected and crafted through indigenous methods.

“It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it.” Bruce Lipton

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